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  • The influence of PCB layout and wiring on the protection effect of TVS
    TVS is a high-efficiency protection device in the form of a diode. After the device is correctly selected, has the design been completed? How to make TVS use the best efficiency in the circuit? The layout and wiring of the printed circuit board is very important. Through the reasonable placement of Read More
  • How many levels of hardware development have you cultivated to?
    An excellent hardware engineer, in addition to strong basic theoretical knowledge, proficient in hardware schematic design technology, hardware PCB diagram design, and hardware debugging, must also have the ability to learn quickly, understand communication protocols and standards, and have the abil Read More
  • Whether laying copper under the DC/DC inductor
    The inductor has alternating current, and the copper on the bottom of the inductor will generate eddy current on the ground plane. The eddy current effect will affect the inductance of the power inductor, and the eddy current will also increase the loss of the system. At the same time, the noise gen Read More
  • Several commonly used schematic design software, there is always a suitable for you!
    Schematic design, PCB design is an important part of the work of hardware engineers. Today, we will come to know several common circuit design softwares commonly used by electronic engineers. I believe there must be one you are using. 1、Altium designer Altium designer is a very commonly used circuit Read More
  • How To Choose A PCBA Manufacturer?
    In recent years, our country's PCB manufacturing industry has developed particularly rapidly with its advantages in industrial policy support, market demand, labor, and resources. In the face of the prosperity of the printed circuit board market, it has brought infinite vitality to PCB manufacturers Read More
  • Discover The Secret To Maximizing Durability in PCBs with Heavy Copper Designs
    Introduction to Heavy Copper PCBsWe'll start our adventure by learning what a Heavy Copper PCB is and why they are known as super strong and dependable boards that help our electronic gadgets work smoothly.What is a Heavy Copper PCB?This part will explain the basics of Heavy Copper PCBs and how they Read More
  • Advantages of Ceramic PCB
    Introduction to Ceramic PCBsWe'll start by explaining what a Ceramic PCB is and why it's known for being strong and trustworthy.What is a Ceramic PCB?Imagine a Ceramic PCB as a super tough and reliable electronic puzzle piece. It's a special circuit board made from ceramic materials that help it sta Read More
  • SMT Process
    SMT Process There are roughly four steps in the process of SMT processing: solder paste printing → component placement → reflow soldering → AOI.Of course, it can be further subdivided: feeding → solder paste printing (side A) → component placement (side A) → visual inspection in front of the reflow Read More
  • What is on th PCB
    Let’s start with a PCB based on FPGA extension training without soldered components. The main elements that make up a PCB can be seen in the diagram.componentComponent refers to a component that is soldered to a PCB. They appear on the board as pads + silkscreen.PCB carries various components. There Read More
  • Power Supply Anti-reverse Connection Circuit Design
    Many projects of hardware engineers are completed on perforated boards, but there is a phenomenon that the positive and negative poles of the power supply are accidentally reversed, causing many electronic components to be burned, and even the entire board is scrapped, and another piece has to be so Read More
  • Common Semiconductor Components
    Semiconductor components, as the name suggests, are mainly made of semiconductors. Electronic technology is changing with each passing day, and new semiconductor components are emerging in an endless stream. Semiconductor components have always been at the core of electronic components. Today, let u Read More
  • LDO Output Voltage
    Many linear regulators come in fixed output versions as well as adjustable voltage versions, and a few have programmable outputs. For the fixed voltage version, the output voltage is the fixed output voltage. Of course, it is not an absolutely accurate output voltage, but a voltage range, which main Read More
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