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High Volume PCB Assembly

High Volume PCB Assembly, also called Large Volume PCB Assembly, which refers to printed circuit assembly quantity more than 10,00pcs. We are committed to providing high volume PCB assembly, as well as full turnkey services, including PCB production, components sourcing, and PCB assembly. This commitment can be achieved through our combination of tailored high-volume manufacturing processes and capabilities, competitive pricing, smooth communication, flexible payment term and shipment plans.

Nowadays, most of large orders of turnkey PCB assembly are manufactured in China. Want to find High Volume PCB Manufacturer and Supplier China? Just get in touch with us to discuss your PCB Assembly Project today. Our PCB specialists are prepared well to clear up any concerns or issues you may have about your Large Volume PCB Assembly Order at any time. At same time, we are also the perfect source if you’re looking for High-Volume PCB Assembly on a budget.

Our approach to completing high volume printed circuit board assembly on a commitment to the highest possible quality, based on our advanced operating standards and manufacturing processes through the control of our EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) System. In the spirit of those high assembly standards, we are fully ISO9001:2015 certified. For the pursuit of highest possible PCB boards quality, PCB assembly manufacturing also cannot run without only sourcing components and materials from our certified suppliers. Components sourcing process is so vital to maintain production quality and ensure full part traceability, and also to prevent component failure related issues.

To be a well-known High Volume PCB Assembly Expert, we certify our PCB assembly quality through a variety of meticulous and extensive dedicated testing methods, such as Visual Inspection , AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), SPI (Solder Paste Inspection), ICT (In-Circuit Testing), X-ray Inspection and FCT (Functional Circuit Testing) are selected based upon your request, as well as the specific requirements for each large volume since ICT and FCT will likely be performed using a Bed of Nails test, rather than Flying Probe test that is common at prototype and low volume assembly. Besides, for large batch turnkey assembly orders, we can ship you a few assembled PCBA for testing by yourselves in your side prior to main production runs. If all testing passed and get your production approval, we then start the main production to ensure the quality. These quality control methods allow us to offer a full warranty on our PCB assemblies. If there are any board failures that are not due to design issues, we pledge to rework or replace any defective PCBs. This is part of our strategy to work with you to ensure the quality and viability of your printed circuit boards prior to high volume production and assembly.

With our high-volume assembly services, you only need to contact with us, which helps to save your time, energy and money. In the close monitoring of new products from the quotation stage to final shipment, we are the turn-key assembly partner of you and there is a professional and reliable manufacturing team you can rely on. Throughout this process, we assess your order for manufacturability (DFM), testability (DFT), as well as the costs and turnaround from an engineering point of view. We are committed to working with you to provide design recommendations, which decrease overall costs and turn-time without sacrificing final quality of your products. This is founded on a variety of assembly and manufacturing capabilities provided by our production facility for high volume printed circuit board assembly. We can accommodate both SMT assembly and PTH assembly for a range of components and packages. For SMT we provide assembly for QFN, QFP, LGA, and BGA IC packages, plus many more, down to 0201 being the smallest passive component size.

We provide seamless full PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions for high volume PCB production. Quality is our highest priority and we will work with you to create a payment term and shipping timeline to ensure that quality is never compromised. If you would like to begin the quotation process, you can get in touch with one of our specialists.
Customized analog signal PCB board
Drive recorder PCB production assembly
Number of PADs: 286
Number of Components: 75
PCB size: 60*98mm
Process: 2 Sides SMT reflowing
Min. SMD chip package: 0402
Min. Pitch: 0.65mm
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