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About SysPCB

Who we are:
SYS Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer. We started PCB manufacturing in Shenzhen China since 2006. After years of efforts, SysPCB has expanded rapidly and kept enlarging the production equipment scale. Now we have 2 manufacturing factories, PCB factory with 160 employees, and SMT factory with 30 employees.
SysPCB has abundant experiences of fabricating PCB and related products like components assembly and stencil. We are PCB specialist and has been supporting customers world widely for more than 10 years. Products are applied to a wide range of High-tech industries. We are able to guarantee a complete service with comprehensive technical backup, offering a cost advantage and scheduled delivery. Our main services include bare PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components source, SMT stencil. All products are compliant with IPC and UL standard.
SysPCB was founded by PCB professors, all our sales have PCB engineering experience. We offering the newest technique and promote enterprise progress to meet customers requirements. Taking great efforts to concentrate in high quality, competitive pricing and fast service as well.
Our products are widely used in telecommunication equipment, power supplying, computer hard ware, industrial control devices, digital products, science testing devices, education instruments, medical instruments, automobile hardware, aerospace and so on.
SysPCB has been continuing research and development the products, offering reliable and perfect products to customer. Sincerely appreciate the opportunity of showing you how efficiently and high quality PCB supplier we are.
What we do:
PCB manufacturing
Cost Effective Components Sourcing
Fast Turn Prototype & Mass Production
PCB Assembly on SMT, DIP, BGA Assembly
X-Ray, 3D paste Thickness, ICT, AOI& Functional Test
Logistics and After-sales Service

Our dedicated team has the experience and the sense of urgency to ensure that high quality PCB meet the IPC-A-600G (Class2 and Class 3) standard.
Our professional, experienced staff is ready for the challenge.
Our Advantage:
1. Shenzhen China Manufacturer direct Price, bring a greater space for your profit.
2. Professional technical teams provide free DFM service. Free engineering review and support.
3. Industry's fastest turn on PCB Fab& SMT, guarantee on time delivery.
4. Whether sample order or a large number OEM production, we can handle it.
5. Fulfill most of your requirements and supply a wide range of PCB products, including rigid pcb, flexible pcb, metal core pcb, assembled PCBA.
6. Strict production system and advanced equipment bring up high quality PCB& PCBA.
7. Maintain a large inventory of stock PCB material, close to components supplier chain.
8. Electrical testing, AOI, X-ray and visual inspecting before shipping.
9. Products are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012C & IPC-A-600G, IPC-610C standard and we're certified to IS0 9001-2015 and UL approval.
Our Environmental Policy:
Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations’ requirements and cleaner production.
Saving power and lower energy consumption, eliminate waste. Adhere to the harmonious development of man and nature.
It is the obligatory responsibility and mission for SYS Technology to stick to harmonious development and environmental protection together. We conform to ISO 9001 (Download here) standards strictly and introduce “green” materials and “pollution-free” facilities/technologies in its operation to minimize the effects of its products and production process to the environment, will communicate its commitment to environmental policy to its employees, vendors, partners and customers.
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