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Why SysPCB

Our Advantage:
1. Shenzhen China Manufacturer direct Price, bring a greater space for your profit.
2. Professional technical teams provide free DFM service. Free engineering review and support.
3. Industry's fastest turn on PCB Fab& SMT, guarantee on time delivery.
4. Whether sample order or a large number OEM production, we can handle it.
5. Fulfill most of your requirements and supply a wide range of PCB products, including rigid pcb, flexible pcb, metal core pcb, assembled PCBA.
6. Strict production system and advanced equipment bring up high quality PCB& PCBA.
7. Maintain a large inventory of stock PCB material, close to components supplier chain.
8. Electrical testing, AOI, X-ray and visual inspecting before shipping.
9. Products are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012C & IPC-A-600G, IPC-610C standard and we're certified to IS0 9001-2015 (Download here) and UL approval.

PCB Fabrication and Assembly Services
We’re one of China’s professional PCB manufacturer and assembly service suppliers serving worldwide experts, engineers and manufacturers since our establishment in 2006. With over a decade’s experience in development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of custom printed circuit boards, we’re now capable to provide a full range of services, from rapid PCB prototyping, circuit boards manufacturing, PCB assembly to components sourcing services, all with guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.

Quality Guaranteed with Our In-house Quality Reviews
We implement many proactive steps to verify the quality of our processes and PCB’s. Our engineering team checks every PCB design prior to the production/assembly phase to ensure there are no inherent flaws and that the design meets client’s exact specifications. We take extra step of conducting a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) test at no additional charge. We also have a full quality control department on staff to perform comprehensive inspections and testing before shipping the finished product to your facility, including Electrical Test, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI), etc. You can have complete confidence in your PCB’s quality and performance.

Excellent Customer Service
We want to offer the highest value PCB services and the greatest trading experience in a favorable price. We deal with thousands of part numbers on an annual basis and during our ten years of operation to date, we have learned how to serve our customers and how to serve them well. These are just some of the things our customers like about us:

Quality guaranteed services
Competitive price & NO min order quantity required
99%+ customer satisfaction rate
Knowledgeable support team available via phone and email
Free DFM check by professional engineers
Function test based on customer’s specific requirements
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