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Fast Turn-round Assembly

Fast turnaround assembly is a small batch PCBA trial production verification test performed by customers, due to the design requirements of new products to ensure that the design of the product meets the expected design requirements. Generally, the order number of fast turnaround assembly is less than 30 pieces.
In the electronic manufacturing industry, in addition to the regular R&D sample PCB assembly tasks, there will also be expedited fast turnaround PCBA assembly. When encountering expedited fast turnaround assembly work, not only must the task be completed within the specified time, but also quality should guaranteed.

How to improve the speed of pcb assembly while ensuring quality

First, in fact, whether it is an urgent task or not, it is beneficial to know how to improve the speed of SMT assembly, so that the work efficiency of SMT processing can also be improved at ordinary times. After encountering SMT tasks that require rapid processing, we should ensure that the files prepared in advance, such as the BOM, the position coordinates of components, and the assembly drawing and actual PCB sample/picture, so that the SMT assembly program can be prepared in advance.

Second, the SMD materials must be prepared in time. It is not acceptable that SMT process already started, there are still problems with SMD materials. Attention must be paid to the quantity of incoming materials and the specifications of the materials, so that process will not be hold during assembly because of the problem of SMD material.

Third, if the SMT workshop is a two-shift operation. The information that needed on the BOM must be marked. Otherwise, there is no way to ask if there is a problem in the night shift. The resistors should be marked with an accuracy of 1% or 5%; for incoming capacitors, it is necessary to indicate the voltage; and whether the diodes and transistors can be substituted. These information should be marked on the BOM. Otherwise verification of this information during SMT will affect the speed of processing, especially at night shift, these preparations before assembly processing cannot be ignored.

The improvement of the speed of fast turnaround assembly is not only reflected in the preparations mentioned above, as a SMT technician, we need keep the best state to reduce the error rate, so as to ensure the quality and SMT processing speed.

In addition to strictly checking and analyzing the customer's BOM list and related technical documents, and strictly controlling the process flow, SysPCB also carry out strict testing for each set of products, and strive to 100% pass at the first testing of each PCBA shipment, so that customers can sit back and relax in the process of PCB manufacturing and assembly, focus on PCB design and layout. Fast turnaround assembly greatly shortens and reduces the risk and cycle of the supply chain, creating more powerful conditions, quickly meeting market demands and winning market development opportunities.
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Data collection PCB main board assembly
Number of PADs: 658
Number of Components: 115
PCB size: 140*128mm
Process: 2 sides SMT assembly+ Through hole welding
Min. SMD chip package: 0402
Min. Pitch: 0.5mm
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