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The design of stencil opening is one of the main means to optimize the SMT process, and it is also an important factor affecting the quality of the SMT process. The opening design of the stencil mainly includes the shape of the hole, the size of the hole, and the stencil thicknesses.

SYS Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in various SMT stencil fabrication, solder paste, red glue research and development, cutting magnetic steel sheets, patch fixtures, furnace fixtures, machining, production and SMT accessories industry for many years. Over the years of continuous accumulation, the customer base has accumulated as many as thousands, covering the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Northeast China, North China and other regions.
With superb technology, high-quality service and advanced management model, we have won wide recognition in the industry, and are a fast-growing and reputable SMT formwork manufacturer in the formwork industry in recent years, with a well-trained sales force With experienced technical engineers, we have accumulated rich practical experience in stencil opening design, printing effect, and material selection, and are ahead of the same industry in major aspects such as tin release performance and tin bead protection in printing, so as to provide customers with excellent service. It solves the bad phenomena such as virtual soldering, continuous soldering and solder balls in the SMT placement process, and ensures that customers successfully take the key step from solder paste to reflow soldering process in the production process. It has achieved the effect of no-cleaning; it has brought effective cost control to various enterprises and institutions, and greatly improved the efficiency of electronic industrial production and product quality. Since its establishment, the company has always attached importance to the training of company personnel and the introduction of advanced equipment. With high-quality talents as the core, high-precision equipment as the foundation, and advanced technology as the foundation, the company provides customers with more thoughtful and faster services.
The laser stencil cutting accuracy can reach 3um, which makes the hole position accuracy and hole shape accuracy of the stencil extremely high;

1. The equipment adopts high-end optimized fiber laser source, professional optical path design, the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, without burrs, matching with post-processing such as characteristic polishing, so that the steel mesh has excellent demoulding performance;

2. The opening is in the shape of an inverted cone, which is conducive to the release of solder paste, which is convenient for clean and fast printing, and is conducive to accurately and clearly coating the pad position with the ideal shape and position;

3. Use genuine professional software to process data, the size and shape of the opening can be scaled arbitrarily, and the opening data can be processed according to customer requirements;

4. The steel mesh of the size of the cutting steel sheet can be manufactured, which is suitable for various printing;

5. Cutting thickness range: 0.03mm-0.40mm, thin and thick material steel mesh can also be processed, also suitable for other precision metal sheet and parts manufacturing;

6. It has the function of repositioning, which can accurately fill the hole at the designated position of the finished steel mesh, has the ability of fine processing, can provide ultra-precision steel mesh, the minimum opening is 30 um, the shape is good, and there is no deformation caused by thermal effects;

7. Professional data processing personnel who combine years of experience, customer requirements and excellent software to make the stencil have the most suitable design for printing, welding and reliability;

8. The half-engraved optical identification point has a large contrast, clear black and white, and strict quality inspection and control to ensure that each steel mesh is accurate in size, beautiful inside and outside, and durable;

9. Steel sheet imported from Japan, domestic high-grade AB plastic sealing net, stable steel net tension, solvent-resistant cleaning, long-term use without breaking the net.
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