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Prototype PCB Assembly

The term prototype PCB Assembly refers to a fast prototype PCBA used to test the function of new electronic designs. These help with quality assurance, verifying that there is no problem with the test product, finding bugs, and updating the design. Typically, before mass production, one electronic project will need 2-3 iterations of a prototype PCB assembly to make sure everything is working perfect. SYS Tech supports engineers to assemble their electronic prototype quickly and cost effectively during the whole design verification process. To ensure that the product design meets requirements, in general, we suggest 5pcs or 10pcs for prototype assembly testing. Of course, one or two piece is also OK, so long as it can be verified.

SYS Tech has Samsung's latest multi-functional assemble machines, 8-temperature zone lead-free reflow soldering, lead-free wave soldering, and has cooperated with internationally renowned resistors and chip agents to save customers time and Cost, and strive to achieve a win-win situation.

PCBA sample assembly is a complex and highly professional process. In recent years, SMT assembly manufacturers have developed rapidly. Many electronic engineers or electronic device manufacturers do not know where to start due to lack of professional knowledge and experience when selecting specific PCBA manufacturers. Here are some precautions for selecting prototype SMT manufacturers.

How to choose a prototype PCB assembler
First, when choosing a prototype assembly manufacturer, the first thing to check is whether the manufacturer is professional by checking for two aspects: equipment and management system. Generally speaking, the more professional PCB assembly manufacturers have more advanced and complete equipment, which is the basis for completing SMT assembly. Moreover, a good SMT manufacturer will also pass the ISO 9001 quality management system test, and will also be registered with the relevant national quality inspection departments. These qualifications and certificates can help you initially determine whether the manufacturer is professional.

Second, the �feel� of service. An SMT assembly factory provides you PCBA assembly services, not the final product. Therefore, the service attitude of an SMT manufacturer is very important. When other new requirements and suggestions are made, we will actively listen to customers' opinions and make changes and improvements in time to satisfy customers. By inspecting a manufacturer�s service culture, you can make judgments about the quality of the employees engaged in SMT assembly and the overall corporate culture.
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Third, look at the reputation. Industry reputation is a good reference factor for us to choose prototype PCB assembly manufacturers. Manufacturers with good reputations generally have greater advantages in the industry in terms of quotes, service, industry experience, and R&D. It is recommended that we prioritize manufacturers with good market reputations, which will save us a lot of energy and time in the later stages.

Above is an introduction into the items related to the selection of PCBA SMT manufacturers. SMT prototype is a must for every electronic engineer. Therefore, when choosing a PCBA service manufacturer, you should not be negligent the above items. It is recommended that you comprehensively considerate the factors that ensures you choose the most suitable prototype PCB assembly manufacturer.

The reason for ordering a PCB prototype, it's because is that you want to quickly assess how well your PCB design is going to work. You cannot do that without going through the assembly process. Fortunately, SYS Tech can do your PCB prototype assembly in-house, so you can find out quickly just how well your assembled PCB prototype works.

There's no need to fabricate bare PCB some where and then search for a specialist in prototype PCB assembly other place. That would take too long and defeat the purpose of making a PCB prototype in the first place. Work with SYS Tech, and let us do it all for you - fast.
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Industrial control Power board assembly
Number of PADs: 205
Number of components: 48
PCB size: 120*72mm
Process: 2 side SMT mounting+ Wave soldering
Min. SMD chip package: 0201
Min. Pitch: 1.0mm
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