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PCB Manufacturing

Business Philosophy
1. We will meet several kinds of customers’ requirements with extensive range of PCB manufacturing and service.
2. We know that there are many competitions in PCB industry, we have confidence with our experiences of quality, service and prices.
3. We will show you why we are worthy to your business and how important to make mutual benefits.

Quality Guarantee
We want you to be 100% satisfaction with our good quality and on time delivery.
We guarantee the quality in our production process..
We warrant bare boards against defects in quality under normal usage if there is problems of us.

1. Replace boards at no charge.
2. Issue a credit at the same amount value for the next customer's order.
3. Refund

The above conditions are based on returning all boards to us.
90 days limited warranty from our invoice date
Our warranty is free of damages from outside of us.
Production Lead Time (Based on working days)
We have express service for 2Layer in 24Hours, 4Layer in 48Hours.
We have different prices for express pcb service. Please send us your inquiries by

We are flexible with delivery schedules and able to provide relatively fast turnaround on both prototype and production quantities.
Quick turn PCB prototyping service with delivery is available from 24 hours shipment.

Quick response
Professional sales during 24 hours and instant online quoting system make immediate quote, order
and make payment. No time waste for our customers and us.

On-time delivery
Our delivery reliability rate is over 97%. This is our pride and makes our customers satisfaction.
This is possible by our quality manufacturing and stable process.

Production Capacity
2 layers -15,000 square meters per a month
Multi layers -15,000 square meters per a month
Total -30,000 square meters per a month
SMT Assembly
SYS Technology is a one-stop solution for all circuit board services so we are often entrenched with the PCB production process from design to assembly. We can provide the most advanced and nearly limitless capabilities for your prototype or production PCB application. Save yourself the trouble that comes with the procurement process and dealing with multiple components vendors. Our experts will find you the best parts for you final product.

We always believe that meeting the needs of our customers is the key to any business success. Therefore, we offer one-stop manufacturing services from board design to finished assembly to ensure that our customers' needs are met. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the electronics design and electronics manufacturing industries, from PCB design guidance to material consultation, from parts matching to complete turn-key assembly, we have covered all of them. You can let your product design to achieve production from the sample production to mass production in us, and our experienced team members will accompany you to meet the various needs of the manufacturing process and help solve all kinds of problems you encounter.

PCB Assembly is a process that requires knowledge not just of PCB components and assembly but also of printed circuit board design, PCB fabrication and a strong understanding of the final product. Circuit board assembly is just one piece of the puzzle to delivering the perfect product the first time.

PCB assembly services we offer:
-Quick-turn prototype assembly
-Turn-key assembly
-Partial turn-key assembly
-Consignment assembly
-RoHS compliant lead-free assembly
-Non-RoHS assembly
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PCB Assembly


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Tech Support
Phone: +86-0769-82201689
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