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SMT Placement Machine Safety Operating Procedures


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1. Make sure there is no foreign matter inside the device before starting the device.

2. The device warms up for 1 to 2 minutes after open machine. When using after the holidays, it needs to be preheated immediately after turning on the power, and the preheating time is about 10 minutes.

3. When the placement head returns to the origin, pay attention to observe its movement. If any abnormality is found, immediately press the emergency stop button to prevent the equipment from being damaged.

4. After the placement head returns to the origin, the equipment has started, and it is forbidden to put hands and heads into the equipment.

5. After the device is turned on, the height sensor will emit an invisible laser beam. It is strictly forbidden to look directly at the beam and touch it.

6. During operation, every time the rack is replaced, it should be checked whether the installation is correct.

7. The computer on the device is only for local use, and other use is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to delete and modify the data files, system files, and batch files configured by the computer at will, so as to avoid confusion of the computer system. Do not use any mobile storage device to communicate with the computer without permission.

8. When overhauling the machine, turn off the power and cut off the power to prevent electric shock or short circuit.

9. Check all parts daily and clean up the dust on the surface of each sensor.

10. The machine must be kept stable and not tilted or unstable.

11. Apply butter to the X and Y lead screws in the machine head motion system every month to make the machine run smoothly.

12. Operators regularly inspect and maintain equipment and make records.

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1. Run the machine in a dust-free environment.

2. Use away from sources of electromagnetic interference.

3. It is forbidden to put objects other than work-pieces into the machine.

4. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover when the machine is working.

5. It is strictly forbidden for two operators to operate the equipment at the same time.

6. It is strictly forbidden for any magnetic medium to approach the sides of the equipment and the X-axis magnetic shed ruler

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