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What Are The SMT Placement Processing Solutions in PCBA


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SMT, or Surface Mount Technology, is currently the most popular technology and technique in the electronic assembly industry. So, what are the SMT placement processing solutions?

SMT placement machine

1. Characteristics of SMT Processing

a. High assembly density, small electronic product size, and lightweight: The size and weight of SMT components are only about 1/10 that of traditional through-hole components.

b. High reliability and strong vibration resistance, the defect rate of solder joints is low.

c. Good high-frequency characteristics: Reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

d. Easy to automate, increasing production efficiency.

e. Cost reduction by 30% to 50%, saving materials, energy, equipment, labor, and time.

SMT Processing

2. SMT Circuit Board Installation Solutions

The SMT processing methods and procedures are completely different from the through-hole insertion methods and procedures. Currently, in electronic products using SMT technology, some circuit boards use only SMT components; however, there are also "mixed assembly processes," where both through-hole (THT) components and surface-mounted (SMT) components are used on the same circuit board.

3. Three SMT Processing Solutions

a. Full Surface Mount

No through-hole components on the printed circuit board (PCB). Various SMDs (Surface Mounted Devices) and SMCs (Surface Mounted Components) are mounted on one or both sides of the circuit board.

b. Double-sided Mixed Mounting

On the A-side of the PCB, there are both through-hole components and various SMT components; on the B-side of the PCB, only smaller SMD transistors and SMC components are mounted.

c. Separate Double-sided Mounting

On the A-side of the PCB, only through-hole components are mounted, while small SMT components are mounted on the B-side of the PCB.

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