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See Through The Design Connotation of Aiptek’s Pocket Projector


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If have a portable pico-projector, it should be that how to be used? Is it the edge tool of Businessman as their activity bulletin? Is it the portable electric toy of the young blood? Or is it the construction space esthetic feeling of art  projective lamps? We’ll unweave the pocket projector of AIPTEK, understand the application technology of pico-projector and how to match relevant solution…

Two projector manufactures in Taiwan choose to hold the seminar of pico-projector at the same day without previous arrangement on 7, Oct, 2008. Optoma pushout the global first DLP super pico-projector, moreover, AIPTEK release LCoS [PocketCinema V10].

These two funds pico-projector using different technology, except sizes are similar to each other, some key operation(e.g. focusing knob) are all locate in the same position, shape is similar to the flat rectangle shape of mobile telephone. Of course, this could be surmised, the final aim is to integrate pico-projector with mobile telephone together.

The both of maximal differences are the different of the used projector optics technology, Optoma chose Digital Light Processing; DLP, because DLP accepted digital signal, and then engendered a series of digital optical pulse, it will appear color image after the series of optical processing. Compared with optical structure of LCoS, the optomechanical design complexity of DLP is higher than LCoS’s, moreover, they have their own technique advantages.

The technique of Optoma and DLP come from Texas Instruments

The technique of DLP was made up by projector technique on the basis of MEMS and Digital Microminor Device; DMD, DLP was invented by TI in 1987, however,  the first fund of DLP pico-projector which was pushed out by Optoma also adopt TI components.

Back of PocketCinema V10

DMD microchip include many super digital optical switch, appearance is SBG- SLL, could accept data character and then engender data character to output. DMD need match many functions to operate, for example, image processor, EMS, and format conversion and so on.

The major character of DLP is lighter and shorter, therefore, the market of portable pico-projector have larger competition, its character is fast response, lighter, higher utility rate of light, higher resolution, smaller projector adopt nearly the technology of DLP.

Whether LCoS can compare with DLP in long and short

The technology of LCoS is close to the technology of DLP, this belongs to a kind technology projector of micro LCD, the structure utilized semiconductor CMOS-LCD, plated aluminum on the transistor as reflector, formed CMOS base board, and then jointed base board with glass board involving ITO, and at last, put into liquid crystals to package.  

LCD's image formation in the SEM is to use ray to penetrate corresponding LCD board, and use optical glass to enlarge tiny picture and then project image effect, limited LCD components.

The theory of DLP made light alternate change through red/green/blue/white on the colorswitch and reflect image through monolithic's DLP.

The technology of LCoS is similar to synthesis of LCD and DLP technology, LCoS used LCoS board modulation, so it belongs to reflection image.

Inside of PocketCinema V10

Although there are so LCoS variety of benefits, but the late start into the small manufacturers, technology did not mature imagination. Han dismantling the first day of this pocket projector, hope to be able to understand the future through the dismantling of related products designed with the idea of the direction of further wish to pose the kind of next-generation machine elements.

A good projector, with the exception of quality, followed by the picture quality is required, the bulb life, heat, easy to install ... and so on. However, the narrow body aircraft into a cell phone-sized projector, in the overall framework for an entirely different concept, and whether other grim realities of the technology still need to break through? Is through the machine is disassembled for better understanding.

Before the dismantling of speculation, as the projection technology is different from the traditional framework, the quality and performance of the projection size will be limited, but the gap is not too much should be generally acceptable to users. However, "Kan" under the definition, how to allow users to have a new, convenient and user experience, is designed to be considered.

In addition, the price of such models are rather high and the market price fell 10,000 to NT 15,000 yuan, while still with promotions, but not as good as the actual sales prices down even more attractive, it must be value-added efforts. Han days this product has additional features for technical integration, but what with the concept of integrated solutions to meet the functional and practical purpose, it is worth in-depth observation of the interior design of the product.

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