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How to c and What Factors Need to be Considered in the Production Process


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Circuit board deformation is a common occurrence in the production process of electronic products. This situation not only leads to a decrease in the functionality of electronic products, but also reduces their service life, decrease the user's experience, and brings considerable trouble to enterprises. Therefore, reducing the deformation of circuit boards is very important for enterprises. So, how to reduce circuit board deformation in PCBA design? What are the matters needing attention?

We can reduce the deformation of circuit boards during the PCBA design process by enhancing the rigidity of structural materials. For example, in the production process, plastic products that were originally used can be replaced with metal casings to enhance their resistance to external forces. If you do not want to change the material of the casing, you can consider adding ribs to change the stress surface, thereby changing its compressive strain capacity. Some PCBA designers also use coverage to enhance its strength, but this type of cover must be made of rigid material to be effective.

In addition, we can also use structural design to support the circuit board and prevent its deformation. By using the front and rear casings as well as a pillar, and then supporting the circuit board, this can reduce the impact and force of electronic products falling from a height, and minimize the deformation of the circuit board as much as possible.

Finally, we can use cushioning materials to reduce the impact force on the product. As is well known, when electronic products fall from a height, they will be subjected to a large impact force, which can cause the product to break or split into pieces. The solution to this problem is to choose a good cushioning material to reduce this impact force. However, PCBA designers also pointed out that this method is not suitable for all electronic products. It is only suitable for those with fixed screws at one end of the circuit board, which can provide buffering effect, while others are difficult to achieve.

Of course, besides the PCBA board itself, we also need to consider three other aspects. The first is product features, for example, covering basic requirements, product upgrade functions, additional product executable functions, and having components that are easy to make and manage. Second, the investment and returns. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers engaged in the design and production of PCBA, and different manufacturers offer different products in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and cost. As a PCBA designer, we must strive to improve product quality, reduce product costs, and provide enterprises with low investment and high return options. So, in the PCBA design process, careful consideration is necessary to ensure the final cost and return on investment. The last is the cooperation partners, PCBA design cannot be completed solely by one person, it requires teamwork to complete. Therefore, in order to design a good circuit board, it is necessary to rely on strong team support.

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