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How To Choose A PCBA Manufacturer?


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In recent years, our country's PCB manufacturing industry has developed particularly rapidly with its advantages in industrial policy support, market demand, labor, and resources. In the face of the prosperity of the printed circuit board market, it has brought infinite vitality to PCB manufacturers and continuously meets the needs of customers in various industries.

reliable PCB manufacturer

Now there are many PCB manufacturers on the market. As long as you search the Internet, there are tens of thousands of production and processing information filling the screen. Various manufacturers recommend them, and the products are dazzling, they are talking about how powerful they are. How to choose a reliable PCB manufacturer is not an easy task. Such problems are often encountered, such as: students, procurement personnel, and electronic hardware engineers, in work or study, the demand is not large, just one or two pieces are enough. The PCB manufacturers found on the Internet are not willing to help, because the order is too small. Faced with this situation, you can choose SysPCB, no MOQ is required, components are purchased from a large spot platform, quality assurance, can meet and alleviate the current urgent needs.

When choosing a PCB manufacturer, companies or customers must clearly understand what their needs are? Is it mass production? Is the pursuit of speed or quality in product production? Concerned about price or delivery? Is it testing and certification? These objective factors are the consequences that will affect your final choice. Of course, there are also some customers complaining that they need to find different manufacturers for communication in the early stage, such as this one for PCBA processing, another manufacturer for component ordering, another manufacturer for PCB production, etc. After the whole process, time cost, money and material resources are greatly wasted! People always want to solve everything perfectly, but how is that possible? You have to learn to find a balance, and you have to give up. At this time, you can also choose SysPCB, from bare PCB, to component procurement, to SMT processing, assembly, testing, one-stop delivery.

If you want to do a good job in PCB manufacturing, the necessary equipment and scale are indispensable. First of all, SysPCB has its own factory, builds a flexible production system, ensures the output of production capacity, and has a complete process system to ensure effective control of delivery and quality. The factory is equipped with SIEMENS high-speed placement machine, FUJI high-speed multi-function placement machine, BUT ten temperature zone lead-free reflow oven, 3D solder paste thickness gauge, AOI automatic inspection machine, BURKLE vacuum laminator, X-ray drilling target machine etc. full set of advanced production and quality inspection equipment. To ensure the stability, durability and safety of the product, the product promises to meet the ISO9001, CQC domestic and foreign quality system certification.


• Service awareness


SysPCB always adheres to the orientation of customer needs and provides high-quality services. With strong background support, it increases R&D investment and quality assurance to shorten product development cycles, reduce risk costs and production costs for customers. There are also professional counterparts of business personnel docking, who can communicate with customers in a timely manner and quickly solve unexpected problems.


• Industry experience and capabilities

one-stop delivery manufacturing services

The PCB industry is highly competitive, and it is difficult for manufacturers without strength to survive. SysPCB has strong R&D capabilities, rich PCB product systems, and a team of engineers with industry experience and mature technologies. The cooperative customers cover a wide range of fields. Since its establishment, it has served more than 15,000+ customers at home and abroad. Products are widely used in electronics, intelligent hardware, communications, medical, automotive, electric power, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries, creating a large number of successful cases.


• Quality and Delivery

one-stop delivery manufacturer

SysPCB concentrates on researching innovative technologies and exquisite craftsmanship, combining the advantages of high-quality lean production management, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and advanced and innovative PCB core technology to create high-quality boards. In terms of meeting customer delivery requirements, the company has its own factory to ensure production capacity output, and has set up a production command system that independently responds to urgent orders, with high flexibility and adaptability.


• One-stop full chain solution


The selection of products and services is diversified, providing customers with a fast and convenient purchasing experience and one-stop business needs. To solve the problem of scattered customers, such as PCB manufacturers, SMT processing, BOM distribution orders, etc., all need to find different companies, which seriously restricts the efficiency of products to market. The most important thing is to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency!


Practice has proved that more and more customers choose SysPCB to place orders, and they are favored and supported by high reliability, fast delivery and quality assurance.

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