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What Is A Demo Board?


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The development board (demo board) is a circuit board used for embedded system development, including a series of hardware components such as central processing unit, memory, input device, output device, data path/bus and external resource interface. In the general embedded system development process, the hardware is generally divided into two platforms, one is the development platform (host), and the other is the target platform (target), that is, the development board. The development platform described here refers to using a computer to connect to the target platform through a transmission interface, such as a serial port (RS-232), USB, parallel port, or network (Ethernet). Development boards are generally customized by embedded system developers themselves according to development needs, and can also be researched and designed by users themselves. The development board is for beginners to understand and learn the hardware and software of the system. At the same time, some development boards also provide the basic integrated development environment, software source code and hardware schematic diagram. Common development boards include 51, ARM, FPGA, and DSP development boards.

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Demo board classification


1. 51 series MCU

There are many types of 51 single-chip microcomputers, 8031/8051/8751 are the early products of Intel Corporation, while AT89C51 and AT89S52 of ATMEL Corporation are more practical. The 51 series of ATMEL company also has AT89C2051, AT89C1051 and other varieties. These chips are simplified versions formed after some functions are simplified on the basis of AT89C51. However, the currently available chips in the market include ATMEL'S 51 and 52 chips, HYUNDAI'S GMS97 series, WINBOND'S 78e52, 78e58, and 77e58.

2. PIC series MCU

All over the world, PIC microcontrollers can be widely used in various fields from computer peripherals, home appliance control, telecommunications, smart instruments, automotive electronics to financial electronics. The PIC series single-chip microcomputer is divided into: basic series, such as PIC16C5X, which are suitable for the selection of various household appliances with strict cost requirements; intermediate series, such as PIC12C6XX, which have high performance, such as internal A / D converter, E2PROM data memory, comparator output, PWM output, I2C and SPI interfaces; PIC intermediate series products are suitable for the design of various high, medium and low-end electronic products. Advanced series, such as PIC17CXX, have rich I/O control functions, and can be externally extended with EPROM and RAM, and are suitable for use in high-end and mid-range electronic equipment.

3. AVR series MCU

AVR single-chip microcomputer is an enhanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set CPU) with built-in Flash developed by ATMEL in 1997. It is a high-speed 8-bit single-chip microcomputer with a simplified instruction set. AVR'S single-chip microcomputer can be widely used in various fields such as computer peripheral equipment, industrial real-time control, instrumentation, communication equipment, and household appliances.

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4. ARM development board

The ARM development board is an embedded development version of the ARM core chip, including ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M, Cortex-A, and Cortex-R. Documentation is unified and facilitates development. At present, chips including ATMEL, NXP, ST, and Freescale have launched chips based on ARM cores and corresponding development boards.

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