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Five Manufacturing Capabilities of PCBA


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Now there are more and more PCBA manufacturers. In order to gain a firm foothold in the industry, major manufacturers have gradually shifted their research goals from the initial functional scope to R&D and production of high-quality and reliable circuit boards. Today we will introduce the five basic manufacturing capabilities of PCBA to you. Some scholars said that if you can have the following PCBA manufacturing capabilities, you will not only be able to achieve this goal, but also ensure that this goal is achieved.

The basic PCBA manufacturing capabilities that contract manufacturer should have

Capability 1: Quality Certification

The first requirement your contract manufacturer should meet is a commitment to quality. This can be through an unbiased assessment or attestation that your contract manufacturer's manufacturing phase complies with industry standards such as ISO 9001, IPC-A-610, J-STD-01, ANSI 2020:2014, AS9100D and ISO 13485.

Capability 2: Agile Manufacturing
Just as important as having a process that meets the highest quality standards is flexibility, or the ability to make changes quickly without sacrificing quality and the need for additional equipment or expertise. This agile manufacturing is changing the way PCBAs are produced and is critical to the following key industries: aerospace, automotive and medical devices.

Capability 3: open and transparent communication
For decades, circuit board designers and manufacturers have been stranded in isolation, with limited understanding of each other's intent or technical requirements. Fortunately, attempts to create a symbiotic relationship between designers and manufacturers are becoming popular. The benefits of open and transparent communication are optimal use of DFM guidelines, reduced risk of not being able to use those guidelines, and less chance of field failures.
Capability 4: Clear and accessible DFM

This functionality is kept in sync with Manufacturing Capability 3 above. For your PCBA development to realize the benefits of DFM, rules and guidelines must be integrated into your design software to ensure effective DFM checks are performed.

Capability 5: Safe and reliable supply chain
Manufacturers must provide a safe and secure supply chain from input, component and design data files to PCBA output, assembly and assembly. This includes avoiding counterfeiting, applying appropriate protection methods, and remaining resilient in the event of emergencies and events beyond our control.

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