Double side PCB

What Is Double Sided PCB?

double-sided PCB is the mostly used PCB board in electronics products, its circuits, paths and traces are contained on two sides and can connect various electronic components with electricity.


Double-sided printed circuit boards are mainly used for electronic computers with high electronic communication equipment requirements, advanced instruments, and performance. It is usually punched in the middle of the circuit board to connect the double-sided PCB board.


Difference between Double Sided PCB and Single Sided PCB.

The single-sided PCB has a layer of conductive material. Generally, use it in simple electronic devices. Double-layer PCB has a layer of conductive material on both sides. Usually can use it in more complex circuits and equipment. Due to the current technological development, single sided printed circuit boards cannot provide enough space and power. Therefore, double-sided circuit boards gradually replaced it in some electronic devices. Simultaneously, because the double sided printed circuit board’s surface has copper plating, tin coating, and so on, it can withstand high temperatures better than single-sided printed circuit boards.


Today’s high-end electronic products are constantly compressing the space design of products to achieve lightness and thinness. Single-sided circuit boards can no longer meet the needs of high-end electronic equipment. So people invented the double-sided circuit board. The double-sided circuit board is the upper and lower circuit boards.


Advantages of Double Sided PCBs:

The double-sided PCB board is an advanced printed circuit board. It has two conductive copper layers on both sides. So it can assemble electrical parts on both sides. In electronic applications, double-sided PCB supports more circuit routing. Therefore, the utilization rate of double-sided PCB is higher than that of single-sided PCB.


The double-sided circuit board solves the problem of interleaving single-sided PCB wiring, and it can better increase the conductive path.


At the same time, double-sided PCB boards can add more components and have more space as needed. It can also reduce the circuit board’s size and use a more flexible design to make the most desired double-sided PCB board. And it can save cost better and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation function.


Nowadays, double-sided PCBs are widely used in electronic equipment. For various applications, it enables greater flexibility and more complex circuits in the design. Double-sided PCB has a more reliable performance in production, assembly and actual use.

To summarize:

*Small size, high flexibility

*Reduce overall cost

*More powerful


Disadvantages of double sided pcb

This is also an issue that everyone cares about. Double-sided circuit boards have advantages and disadvantages. The most significant burden of double-sided PCBs may be heat generation. Since double-sided printed circuit boards can place more parts than single sided circuit boards, heat is inevitably generated.


Another slight disadvantage is that double-sided circuit boards require wiring on both sides of the circuit board, which means that there must be proper circuit connections between the two circuit boards. But with the continuous development of double-sided PCB, this problem has been well solved. Its excellent circuit is more conducive to saving production costs so that the circuit performance and heat dissipation of the circuit board is better.


How to choose the right Double Sided PCB?

Since the use of double-sided PCB boards is very wide now, how you choose the right double-sided printed circuit board among many PCB boards is particularly important.

So how do you choose the right double-sided printed circuit board?

First: check the thickness and specifications of the double-sided circuit board. As the cost of manufacturing double-sided printed circuit boards continues to increase, some manufacturers may cut corners. They will continue to reduce material costs and production costs.

Second: Whether the circuit board is short-circuited during the use of the circuit board (because some manufacturers, to save costs, skip the steps of electrical testing when making the circuit board.) You should also check whether the circuit board is hot during use.


In short, when buying a circuit board, you must look at the price and the quality of the board.

Process flow chart of double side PCB: /uploadfile/upload/file/20210405/20210405084100_22875.pdf

2 Layer BLE Bluetooth board with Plated half hole----------- 2 Layer LED driver board for 3535 back light

2 Layer bluetooth board                                                         2Layer Led driver board

Layer count: 2                                                                        Layer count: 2

Surface treatment: ENIG                                                        Surface treatment: ENIG

Soldermask: Matte Green                                                       Soldermask color: Green

2 Layer BLE Bluetooth board with Plated half hole                 2 Layer LED driver board for 3535 back light