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Tele communication

SYS Technology is a highly regarded communication PCB assembly, communication PCBA manufacturer, specializing in prototyping and low-volume construction in highly complex fields, or communication and industrial computing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), PCB assembly, for Leading OEM's PCB Assembly Services.

As an expert in telecommunications PCB assembly services, and one of the leading electronics manufacturers in China, you can rely on our expertise to provide you with the highest quality PCB assembly services.

Communication printed circuit board applications

The communications industry requires a wide variety of PCBs, as well as drive equipment that can withstand extreme outdoor weather and temperature conditions in a stable office environment. The communications industry includes terrestrial wired communications systems, wireless systems, mass storage systems, digital and analog broadcasting systems, cell phone tower systems, and mobile communications systems.

SYS Technology offers SMT circuit boards with a wide range of materials, copper weights, Dk content and thermal properties for the ever-changing communications market. The following represent some communication applications that utilize communication PCBs, communication printed circuit boards:

Telephone Exchange System
Space Communication Technology
Signal Enhancement Online System
Military Communication System Battery Transmission and Tower Electronic Equipment
Video Collaboration Information Security Technology
Satellite Technology High Speed Router and Server
PBX System Internet Voice Protocol

Wireless Industrial and Commercial Telephony Technology