Prototype PCB_

Prototype PCB

The prototyping stage is the most critical period for engineers. For manufacturing PCB, SYS Tech has the experience of manufacturing PCB for more than 15 years (since 2006). Choosing SYS Tech not only shorten the manufacturing time of the PCB but also reduces the cost and get the high-quality boards.

You may go through many design iterations when developing a new PCB based design. You need to be able to test new designs quickly so that production can be completed in time, as a lengthy design process can lead to loss of revenue. The rapid speed of our prototyping services, combined with testing designs before production runs, can minimize wasted project expenditures and maximize your investment.

Standard production operations will also increase rapidly in terms of costs. The earlier you discover design defects or inefficiencies in a PCB design, the lower the cost of solving the problem. If you don’t use prototype boards to test your design, you may have problems later in the production run - that is, after you’ve invested a lot of money into producing standard PCBs. Our PCB prototyping services are also suitable for small volume production.

Engineers also often use prototype PCBs to test a single function of more complex products containing multiple PCBs. Before adding the next level of functionality, they will order prototypes that perform the most basic functions. If you don’t test the features separately, you may encounter performance problems in subsequent processes, and not sure which board caused the problem. Through the prototype design of each function step by step, a lot of time and resources can be saved.