PCB Testing

PCB Electric Test

Dedicated to provide printed circuit boards that meet your expectations, SYS Tech is committed to carry out controls throughout the manufacturing process. This allows us to consistently deliver high quality PCBs that meet your specs. To pursue excellence, we regularly upgrade our production equipment, carry many in-process control and right at the end, before packing, we carry out an electrical test. 100% of all our PCB will go through this procedure. During this simple test, we will check 2 main types of defaults open circuits and shorts. Depending on customer’s requirement, we are also able to carry out other types of tests typically a tension of 400V, an impedance control, a dimension CPK, etc.

PCB E-testing Machine of SysPCB

PCBA Function Test

SYS Tech dedicated PCBA facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing and verification equipment. Finished PCB Assemblies are checked for proper component placement and functionality with a variety of methods including AOI Inspection, In-Circuit testing, and X-Ray inspection.

ICT And Functional PCBA Testing Ensure Quality

SYS Tech is highly process focused with an adherence to J-STD-001 standards. All PCB assemblies are verified for part-placement accuracy the use of critical checks such as signal integrity, functionality and performance to test specifications are fully incorporated into our PCBA testing procedures. Comprehensive PCBA testing capabilities include functional PCBA testing equipment and in-circuit testing (ICT).

PCBA Functional Testing of SysPCB