Flex PCB Capability

Capability of Flexible PCB


Item Technical Data
1 Layer Flex board: 1-4Layers.
2 Material PI, PET, PEN, FR-4
3 Final Thickness Flex board: 0.002" - 0.1" (0.05-2.5mm)
4 Surface Treatment Lead-free HAL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin
5 Max. / Min. Board Size Min: 0.2"x0.3"  Max: 20.5"x13"
6 Min. Trace Inner: 0.5oz: 4/4mil  Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4/4mil
7 Width / Min. Clearance 1oz: 5/5mil               1oz: 5/5mil
2oz: 5/7mil               2oz: 5/7mil
8 Min. Hole Ring Inner: 0.5oz: 4mil     Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4mil
1oz: 5mil                  1oz: 5mil
2oz: 7mil                  2oz: 7mil
9 Copper Thickness 1/3oz - 2oz
10 Max. / Min. Insulation Thickness 2mil/0.5mil (50um/12.7um)
11 Min. Hole Size and Tolerance Min hole: 8mil
Tolerance: PTH±3mil, NPTH±2mil
12 Min. Slot 24mil x 35mil (0.6x0.9mm)
13 Solder Mask Alignment Tolerance ±3mil
14 Silkscreen Alignment Tolerance ±6mil
15 Silkscreen Line Width 5mil
16 Gold Plating Nickel: 100u" - 200u", Gold: 1u"-4u"
17 Immersion Nickel / Gold Nickel: 100u" - 200u",Gold: 1u"-5u"
18 Immersion Silver Silver: 6u" - 12u"
19 OSP Film: 8u" - 20u"
20 Test Voltage Testing Fixture: 50-300V
21 Profile Tolerance of Punch Accurate mould: ±2mil
Ordinary mould: ±4mil
Knife mould: ±8mil
Hand-Cut: ±15mil