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X1 and X2 safety capacitors

When it comes to X safety capacitors, there are actually three types, namely X1, X2, and X3 safety capacitors. Although X3 safety capacitors exist, they are used in very small quantities. Basically, no manufacturers on the market actually produce this type. The most commonly used safety capacitors are X1 and X2 safety capacitors. The question is, which one is better, X1 or X2 safety capacitors?

X1 and X2 safety capacitors

X1 and X2 safety capacitors

X1 and X2 safety capacitors are exactly the same function

Regardless of whether it is the X1 capacitor or the X2 capacitor, its function is exactly the same. The X capacitor is used in the power filter to filter the power supply and filter the differential mode interference. It is generally used between the neutral line and the live line.

There is no difference in the functions of the two capacitors, and they are both suitable for cross-line, surge suppression, and various AC and DC applications.

What is the difference between X1 and X2 safety capacitors?

There is a difference in the high voltage resistance of X1 and X2 safety capacitors. The X1 high voltage resistance is greater than 2.5 kV and less than or equal to 4 kV, and the X2 high voltage resistance is less than or equal to 2.5 kV. That is to say, the X1 safety capacitor has higher voltage resistance and better performance.

Which is better, X1 or X2 safety capacitor?

If only in terms of performance, the X1 safety capacitor is definitely better. However, in actual use, X1 safety capacitors are rarely used, and X2 safety capacitors are used in most cases.

From the perspective of cost performance, the price of X2 capacitors is relatively cheaper, and the performance is sufficient, which leads to the huge use of X2 safety capacitors, while X1 safety capacitors can only be used in some circuits, use very little.

The details that need to be paid attention to are: the X1 capacitor can replace the X2 capacitor in the circuit design, but the X2 capacitor cannot be applied to the X1 class circuit, because the X1 class surge voltage is relatively high. This type of capacitor is used in various circuits such as switching power supplies to suppress the surge current at the moment of switching (such as: typewriters, calculators, computer monitors and mixers in household appliances, electric fans, coffee grinders, audio, TV circuits, etc. ).