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What information is needed for SMT processing?

In SMT processing, the following information need to be provide to the SMT processing factory when evaluating the quotation, so that engineers and purchasing personnel can conduct processing technology and quotation risk assessment. In the SMT process, if suppliers are required to provide one-stop processing services, then more adequate communication and cooperation are required in the early stage. The lack of certain information will lead to increased communication costs、 delayed delivery, and it has a great impact on the timely launch of the product. So today, let's start from the supplier's point of view and analyze why these relevant information are needed. 

1. Gerber information (includes liner layer, solder mask layer, stencil layer): it is the authoritative information in SMT processing, and the subsequent PCB quotation and processing fee quotation require Gerber information as a reference. SMT processing enterprises must use stencil, so need to know the information of the stencil layer when make the stencil.

2. Part list: that is, which materials are included on the PCB board? Due to different brands, part number and specifications, the prices of the corresponding materials are also different, and the determination of the processing fee also needs to be evaluated according to the number of parts.

3. Pick Place file: It mainly analyzes and locates the coordinate system of the components. When the engineer is doing program, we need to use this design file.

4. Process Guidance Document: The designer's control of the technological process is generally used as a guiding document for the manufacturer, including special requirements and special design points.

5. Test description: including test items、test categories、test parameters and technical indicators etc.

0.4mm Pitch BGA PCB Assembly

0.4mm Pitch BGA PCB Assembly