PCBA prototype procedure

Nowadays, many electronic companies hand over their products to professional electronic manufacturers for production. Before mass production, PCBA prototype is generally carried out. Shenzhen SYS Technology has served many PCBA prototype customers. In order to facilitate communication, customers also need to understand PCBA prototype procedure, so let's take a look at the procedure of PCBA prototype.

First, customer place orders. Customers will place orders to their trusted electronic manufacture factories according to their actual needs, and put forward specific requirements. The PCBA processing plant will evaluate its own capabilities to see if it can complete the order. If the manufacturer determines that it can complete the order within a certain period of time, then the two parties will negotiate and decide on the production details.

Second, project information. After the customer decides to place an order, they will provide a series of documents and lists to the electronic manufacturing factory, such as PCB Gerber file required for production, coordinate documents and BOM lists, etc., which must be provided.

Third, purchase raw materials. The electronic manufacture factory purchases the relevant raw materials from the designated supplier according to the documents provided by the customer.

Fourth, incoming inspection. Before PCBA prototype, the electronic manufacture factory needs to carry out strict quality inspection for all the raw materials to be used, and can only be put into production after being qualified.

Fifth, PCBA production. When making PCBA prototype, in order to ensure the production quality, whether it is SMD or through hole components, manufacturers need to strictly control the reflow furnace temperature.

Sixth, PCBA test. Electronic processing plants also need to carry out rigorous testing, and only PCB boards that pass the test can be delivered to customers.

Seventh, packaging. After the PCBA prototype is completed, the product needs to be packaged and then handed over to the customer to complete the entire prototype work.

The above is the whole process of PCBA prototype. From the perspective of the process, prototype requires the cooperation between the electronic processing factory and the customer, so that the two parties can cooperate more happily.

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