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China PCB industry development under the changing situation

As we all know, printed circuit board PCB is known as the "mother of electronic products". Almost all electronic products require PCB, mobile phones, game consoles, computers, automobiles, servers, etc., printed circuit board PCBs are divided into high, medium and low grade. PCB has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, electronics, automobiles, intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, communications, industrial control, etc.

In recent years, facing the protracted battle of the epidemic and trade disputes, many companies have threatened to join the PCB industry, expand new fields through investment, joint ventures, and factory expansion, strengthen business layout, and promote industry development. Moreover, China is the largest consumer electronics and automotive electronics market, with the most complete industrial facilities and very competitive costs, so many companies are willing to join this blue ocean market.

Facing market challenges and surviving the harsh winter

In the face of the turmoil in the global semiconductor industry, coupled with factors such as the epidemic, trade, environmental protection, and cost, although many PCB manufacturers in China are mainly based on low-end products, they can produce quickly to meet customer needs. However, the problem in the market is that it is big but not strong, so the ability to resist risks is also relatively poor. Small and medium-sized China PCB manufacturers will fall into a business crisis than foreign PCB manufactures. Some small PCB manufacturers will take measures such as production reduction, salary reduction, and dismissal actions to maintain the necessary business, they have to shut down and sell individual factories to stop losses in time, in the worst case, declare bankruptcy.

Many people in China PCB industry bluntly said that "collapse" and "price increase" are more like a pair of twins. In addition to the news of the collapse of PCB manufacturers, the price of PCB raw materials has risen, which is really worse! Of course, the main reason behind it is the impact of the epidemic, which has a great impact on production capacity and freight. This forces many PCB raw material manufacturers to adjust the price of their products out of cost pressure, so that the entire chain will be implicated. Some electronic end customers can still understand that the price adjustment of upstream CCL manufacturers makes it difficult for PCB manufacturers to do it, and they can cooperate and share some; but there are also customers who do not understand. 

Seize the opportunity to deploy, the market recovers

At present, the situation in the semiconductor industry is unstable, but as the saying goes: risks and crises coexist. Because of the "home economy" of the epidemic, it has activated the rapid surge in demand for electronic terminal products, such as VR equipment, smart electronic products, game equipment, etc., which can bring unlimited business opportunities to PCB manufacturers. Even more gratifying is that the industry has driven the growth of the PCB market. The most eye-catching is undoubtedly 5G communication. The related application fields have brought large orders to some PCB manufacturers. They all said that the orders have been scheduled to next year, and the production capacity will be expanded to meet customer needs and deliver on time.

With the iteration of 5G, Internet of Things, automotive, electronics, security and other technologies, the development of the electronics industry will be driven, and the overall demand for PCB will be expanded. For example, automobiles, traditional fuel vehicles are gradually developing in the direction of smart electric vehicles, and the demand for PCBs has skyrocketed; consumer electronics are showing a trend of high density, and PCBs are facing the end market, ushering in the spring; another new battlefield is high end multilayer boards, Including server, storage, wired and wireless base station, etc. Faced with business scenarios in different industries and fields, PCB manufacturers can cut in from a new application perspective, cater to market consumption hotspots, and successfully get suitable PCB orders.

The industrial landscape is unique, and the pursuit of victory

According to the China PCB Industry Report, at present, China has become the world's largest PCB producer, accounting for more than 50% of the total output value of the global PCB industry. Regardless of whether the changes in market trends are good or bad, more than half of the world's PCBs are produced in China, which also promotes the expansion of the industry. A new change is taking place in the PCB industry. In order to cope with the ever-changing market, various PCB manufacturers have increased production and expansion, and continuously improved technological innovation, aiming to occupy a place in the market competition to meet customer order needs.

As one of the China PCB manufacturing experts serving the electronics industry, SysPCB has a strong production capacity base and R&D experience to build an industry-leading brand. Based on the industrial Internet model, it provides customers with high-end printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic assembly, component procurement, testing and certification and other services covering the entire R&D process. Connect the upstream and downstream partners of the  electronics industry to jointly establish a one-stop hardware EMS service platform from creativity to product.

Since its establishment, SysPCB has served more than 1,500+ customers at home and abroad. Products are widely used in electronics, intelligent hardware, communications, medical, automotive, electric power, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries, creating a large number of successful cases.