Printed circuit boards market developing in recent years, China high-end circuit board manufacturing_

Printed circuit boards market developing in recent years

In recent years, printed circuit boards have been developing rapidly in the market. On the one hand, the global circuit board industry is shifting to China, which has improved and expanded the China printed circuit board market space; 

on the other hand, printed circuit boards are used as electronic components mechanically to support the device, is widely used in different industries. Among them, the application of the communication industry and the intelligent hardware industry (notebooks, computers) has increased, which has made the high-end multilayer circuit board market grow rapidly.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, multilayer printed circuits are developing in the direction of high precision, high density, and high layer count. Due to the fierce competition in the PCB industry, some large PCB manufacturers have invested in research and development of new technologies, improved support systems and advanced process equipment, and increased the PCB layers to continuously meet the changing needs of the market; at the same time, some PCB manufacturers who have not reached the level of production technologies and process capabilities will have to withdraw from the market because technical "suppression". After all, they have no core competitiveness to fight.

When the product functions are more and more, the lines are more and more dense, then the relative production difficulty is also increasing. High-level circuit boards have the characteristics of thicker boards, more layers, and denser lines and vias. They will encounter more processing difficulties and stricter requirements in production. Therefore, in order to ensure the high reliability of the final product, not only high technology and equipment investment, but also experienced production technicians are required, and every link in the production and manufacturing process must be strictly controlled.

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