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main applications of PCB boards

PCB, also known as printed circuit board, is the provider of electrical connections for electronic components. PCB is the core component of electronic equipment. So, what are the main applications of PCB boards?

1. Application in medical equipment

The rapid progress of medicine is closely related to the rapid development of the electronics industry. Many medical devices are based on PCBs, such as pH meters, heartbeat sensors, temperature measurement, electrocardiograph, EEG, MRI, X-ray, CT scanners, blood pressure machines, blood sugar level measuring equipment, etc.

2. Application in industrial equipment

PCBs are widely used in manufacturing industrial, especially those industries that have high-power mechanical equipment. These equipments operate on high-power and require high-current circuit drives. Such as arc welding, large servo motor drives, lead-acid battery chargers, clothing cotton machines, etc.

3. Application in lighting

LED lights and high-intensity LEDs are mounted on a PCB based on an aluminum substrate; aluminum has the property of absorbing heat and dissipating it in the air.

4. Applications in the automotive and aerospace industries

Flexible PCBs are lightweight but can withstand high vibrations, and because of their light weight, the overall weight of the spacecraft can be reduced; flexible PCBs can be adjusted even in tight spaces. These flexible PCBs are used as connectors, interfaces, and can be assembled even in tight spaces, such as behind panels, under dashboards, etc.

In short, there are many application aspects of PCB according to different PCB types.