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The recent status of Shenzhen PCBA SMT factory

I believe that in the past two years, what everyone is most concerned about is how is the development of their own industry? Perhaps the status quo of one or several factories cannot replace the overall development of the entire industry, so more data is needed to support it.

As a senior practitioner in Shenzhen's SMT assembly industry, it is very necessary to judge the prosperity and decline of the SMT industry according to the market and the enterprises’ actual situation and data, so product configuration and inventory are adjusted accordingly in a timely manner to better respond to market changes.

At present, there are tens of thousands of large and small PCB assembly and SMT factories in Shenzhen. With the saturation of production capacity, some small and backward production capacity are beginning to be eliminated, and the market is also being reshuffled.

The most obvious ones are the large-scale electronic product foundries represented by Foxconn and BYD, and they are currently making corresponding adjustments. Because the entire industry is now forcing companies to develop in a small and refined direction, there is a sense of dimensionality reduction in it, so now super-large enterprises do what large companies did before, and large companies do what medium-sized companies did before, medium-sized enterprises do what small enterprises did before, and in the end, let some small enterprises or companies with low competitiveness withdraw from the market, and let outdated production capacity make room for the market. Although this is the cruel reality of market competition, there is no doubt about the reality. Such is the case. This is the current situation of Shenzhen SMT chip processing factory.

Perhaps with the changes in the current situation, this status quo will be the norm in the future, and there may be changes, but in general, the SMT processing industry is still a sunrise industry.