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Cost-effective PCB product services

Founded in 2013, SYS Technology is committed to cost-effective PCB product services: providing circuit board layout services, mid-to-high-end PCB quick prototype, and small- and medium-volume circuit board manufacturing services. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to technology as a guide and pursued excellence. The business philosophy of quality and customer satisfaction continues to provide high-quality services for the innovation of Chinese information electronics industry.

Our PCB production positions 2-26 layers of precision circuit board samples and small batches as the main target market, adopts advanced cutting-edge production technology and high-quality raw materials, strictly regulates operating standards and QC standards for incoming and outgoing materials, and ensures that the products shipped are Seiko quality. Provide customers with better, faster and more cost-effective circuit board products. SysPCB adopts the self-developed PCB Allegro online order ERP management system, which can realize online ordering, online payment, online production progress inquiry, online logistics tracking, online statistical report production and other paperless operations throughout the entire process, greatly improving work efficiency and ensuring With the help of this website, customers can turn their design drafts into real circuit boards without leaving home without a phone call!

With strong technical strength and high-quality services, strict knowledge product protection measures and good business reputation, and relying on a complete Internet trading platform, SysPCB has quickly become an important partner and support recognized by domestic and international enterprises. So far, SysPCB business has expanded to the United States, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and has been highly recognized by nearly 100 well-known foreign companies such as Tensorcom, MR.LOOP, Ubilite, and spChips.