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Seven Types of PCB Probes

The PCB probe is the contact medium for electrical testing and is an important electronic component. It is a conductive carrier for connecting electronic components. The PCB probe is widely used to test a data transmission of PCBA. The data of the function body is transmitted through the conductive contact of the probe to determine whether the product is in normal contact and the operating data is normal.

Usually the probes of the circuit board have many specifications, which are mainly composed of three parts: one is the needle tubing, which is mainly made of copper alloy and is plated with gold on the outside. The second is the springs, which are mainly gold-plated piano wire and the spring steel. The third is the needle, which is mainly nickel-plated or gold-plated tool steel (SK). The above three parts are assembled into a probe. There is also an outer sleeve, which can be connected with solder wires.

Types of PCB probes

1. ICT probe
Commonly used pitches are 1.27mm, 1.91MM, 2.54mm. Commonly used series are 100 series, 75 series and 50 series, which are mainly used for online circuit testing and functional testing. ICT testing and FCT testing are often used to test bare PCB boards.

2. Double probe
It is used for BGA testing. It is relatively compact and requires relatively high workmanship. Generally, it detects mobile phone IC chips, notebook computer IC chips, tablet computers and communication IC chips, etc. The diameter of the needle body is between 0.25MM and 0.58MM.

3. Switch probe
A single switch probe has two currents to control the normally open and normally closed functions of the circuit.

4. High-frequency probe
It is used to test high-frequency signals. There are shielding rings that can be tested within 10GHz and 500MHz without shielding rings.

5. Rotating probe
The elasticity is generally not high, because its penetrability is inherently strong, and it is generally used for PCBA testing processed by OSP.

6. High-current probe
The probe diameter is between 2.98mm and 5.0mm, and the maximum test current can reach 50A.

7. Battery contact probe
It is generally used to optimize the contact effect, with good stability and long life. It can be used to conduct electricity at the contact part of the mobile phone battery. It is often used in the SIM data card slot and the conductive parts of the commonly used charger interface.