PCB without fiducial mark, Is There Any Way to do SMT for It

If forget to add an optical positioning point ( fiducial MARK point) when designing the PCB, can PCB be manufactured during the SMT machine placement?

The through holes on the PCB and the non-SMT PAD can be used as MARK.

In addition to the PAD or through-hole method above, you can also use position pin to position.

Try to choose characters in regular shape that has a large contrast with the PCB background. Such as through holes, pads, and polar character layers. There are also positioning pins mentioned above, but there must be positioning holes on your PCB.

In FPC processing, sometimes, there is no MARK point on the FPC, and positioning holes are used for MARK point recognition. The diameter of the positioning hole is generally about 1.0 ~ 1.5mm. It is estimated that the positioning hole on the PCB may be larger. If there are 0402 components, the positioning may not be so precise. The above is just to provide you with reference.

Now there is a better way to solve it, that is stickers with MARK points.

In fact, the MARK points are just the corresponding points that have been unified for you in advance. If not, it will not take a lot of work to set them by yourself. Just choose some points that have a large contrast with the surface of the PCB.

It can be processed without Mark points, which is a little troublesome when making SMT procedures. Of course, it would be better to have Mark points, and it is more suitable for mass production.