Small and medium volume PCB manufacturers in China

According to the latest industry analysis report, the total output value of the China PCB industry has exceeded 60% of the global scale, and the annual compound growth rate is as high as 5%. The PCB market is accelerating, stimulating small and medium volume printed circuit board production mode

With the entry of the 5G era, the demand for communication PCB boards continues increasing. On the other hand, Smartphone, tablet PC, VR/AR, electronic watches and other wearable devices have always been hotspots in the consumer electronics industry. With the fast updates and iterations of new consumer electronics, new product forms are emerging one after another, and will penetrate in every aspect of daily life. The rapid development of other industries will also bring opportunities to the PCB market.

Driven by the development of science and technology, facing the increasing demand and vigorous development of market, the demand for electronic information of various products has gradually increased, and new electronic products have continued to emerge, such as 5G communications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. It will enter a new cycle of technology and products, enabling the usage and market of printed circuit board products to continue to expand. In particular, the electronic industry chain is large in scale and strong in supporting capabilities, and printed circuit boards are the key to carrying electronic components and are also a bridge connecting circuit transmission. 

The current customers have high-standard PCB quality demands. In this kind market competition, in order to occupy a place, you must quickly keep up with the pace with high efficiency and high quality. The so-called low prices and fast delivery is not enough, or just find a manufacturer with high technical barriers problems or other problems, which has no value for subsequent development, it will also increases various costs and accumulates various problems.

At present, competition in the China printed circuit board industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Although the market expands unceasingly, but due to the competition, and other realistic problems, such as the continuous rise of raw material prices, electric power cuts inside China recently, and shortages of integrated circuit chips. China printed circuit board companies may under certain pressure, it is necessary to adapt to market changes and plan development strategy.

As a technology-intensive industry, PCB manufacturing has many characteristics such as complex production processes, high product quality requirements and wide application scenarios, and high requirements for product technology. As the competition in the industry continues to intensify, both PCB manufacturers and customers have begun to pay more attention to the quality of PCB products. If the products are unreliable, even if the technical performance is advanced, the best performance will not be achieved.

Some China PCB manufacturers still mainly focus on the production of ordinary PCB products, with comparatively low product added value and low product manufacturing technology and craftsmanship level, which can't meet customers' product quality and diversified needs. It is understood that although the overall growth rate of the mobile phone and computer markets has been slow, the accelerated growth of servers and the upgrading of structured demand for mobile phones have driven the demand for high-end PCB products.

China PCB manufacturer SYS Technology has been focusing on the innovation and development of PCB technology, continuously improving the ultimate process capability, and building a flexible production system that adapts to small-batch and multiple batches to meet customer’s product needs with high efficiency, high quality and one-stop service.