PCB equipment business prospects are promising

The operating results of the first quarter of the printed circuit board industry were released one after another. Due to various factors such as trade war interference, global downturn, customer stock up conservative, and lunar calendar holiday, and in addition to the traditional electronics industry off-season, most manufacturers' performance in the first quarter was flat, the growth rate is not too big.

However, the performance of PCB equipment vendors is relatively bright. In the first quarter of the combined revenue, both MACHVISION Inc Co., LTD and Group Up Technology Co., LTD hit a record high in the same period of history, while C SUN MFG. LTD. Is the second high in the same period of history. Industry players have said that the instability of the global environment has slowed down, the peak season is approaching, the market trend is also very clear, and it is optimistic about the operation of the market.

In the first quarter of the year, MACHVISION Inc Co., LTD revenue and profit reached a record high. The after-tax earnings per share were 6.13 yuan (NTD, the same below). The annual growth rate was nearly 30%. MACHVISION believes that the seasonal off-season has passed and the team will go all out to meet the peak season.

This year, the goals of MACHVISION are PCB’s test and detection of semiconductor COF applications. The new products include Smart camera, FPCB Assembly AVI, and small and medium-sized customers in the China land, international market layout. In addition, MACHVISION also emphasizes that 90% of the top 100 PCBs are long-term customers, the customers are broad and maintain good relationship, and does not rely on a single customer order. It is understood that this year, the flexible board factory has more expansion plans than the last year, and the off-season will be pass, the market has 6.5 billion potential business opportunities, this year's operation will be better than last year.

After winning the index orders such as FPC, COF and automotive interior glass, Group Up Technology Co., LTD has grown steadily. The company pointed out that this year's market trend is nothing more than 5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and car. There are many processes and materials involved, including 5G baseboard, antenna and RF transmission, MSAP, fan-out package, COF package, ABF shortage, etc, the entire market has been moving, and also stimulate a lot of equipment demand is generated, and the company is also planning to expand production capacity while the demand is clearly visible. Optimistic about that the instability of the global environment has slowed down, the development trend of the electronics industry and market demand is clear.

C SUN MFG. LTD. said that the feedback from the client, although the market sentiment is conservative, the expansion of the factory has slowed down, but the order has not been canceled, but only later, it is expected to be in the alternative purchase equipment order support, as well as in the mainland market. The demand for chemical copper (DSM-PTH) is expected to increase again. The operation in the second quarter will gradually recover. The annual operating efforts are the same as last year and strive to grow slightly.