What causes the print circuit board (PCB) trace open?

In the production process of the print circuit board, the circuit boards produced by various conditions often fail to meet the requirements. For example, print circuit board trace open is often encountered. We need to carefully analyze what is caused by the situation, we can mainly analyze from the following angles.

First of all, we need analyze the state of the trace open of the circuit board. Next, we need to carefully analyze which process during the manufacturing will cause the trace open,then we need to gradually troubleshoot the possible causes during the production process.

The reason for the trace open of the circuit board is generally caused by the following reasons:

1. Film process: The main reason is that the film is not firmly attached, there are bubbles, if it is wet film, there is garbage pollution, etc.

2. Exposure process: problems caused by scratches or rubbish, including exposure machine problems, insufficient exposure, etc.

3. Developing process: developing is not clear and blurred.

4. Etching process: The main reason is that the nozzle pressure is too large and the etching time is too long.

5. Plating problem: The main reason is that plating is uneven or the surface is adsorbed.

6. Improper operation: During the circuit board manufacturing process, the circuit board trace open due to improper operation.