2015 PCB market grow slowly

According to "Global PCB Production Report 2015", the global PCB output value reached US $58.6 billion in 2015, compare to 2014 dropped 2.7%. considering exchange rate and price changes, actual growth of PCB output is 2.0% in 2015.
This report was completed by the world's top PCB industry analyst team, according to 11 product categories to estimate the PCB output value in major PCB production countries and regions.
Rigid PCB board production declined in 2015, at the same time flexible PCB board market grow rapidly. The report also includes a review of historical data and future industry trends regarding each region.
The report shows that, in most areas, PCB output growth was increasing in 2015. In North America, PCB industry growth rate is -2.7%; Asia has accounted for 91% of global PCB production. In 2016 the global PCB industry is expected to continue a slow growth, excluding the impact of exchange rate and price factors.
In general, the global electronics market will continue to grow slowly over the next few years. Market for mobile devices and automotive electronics is growing fast, information equipment and wearable equipment market demand is also very strong, these market is expected to grow faster than the overall economic.