Copper foil price rise 30% in few months

The situation of copper foil in short supply is continuing. According to feedback from copper foil manufacturers, copper foil for lithium ion battery and copper foil for circuit board has been unable to be purchased even with cash, some companies carry cash to upstream factories to "rob" copper foil.
It is understood that copper foil for lithium ion battery has soared to¥78/kg, amount of increasing is¥6 /kg, while manufacturers expect by the end of this year rise to ¥80/kg or more is a high probability event.
According to professionals, high-speed lithium ion battery copper foil growth extrude circuit board production, resulted circuit board copper price rose from previous ¥60/ kg to¥76-78/ kg, with a rate of 30%. Even though copper foil manufacturers are also expanding producing capacity, but up to 2 years expansion cycle is difficult to solve the current predicament. It is expected by the end of 2017, the copper foil short supply will be continued.