Japanese PCB industry consecutive 8months decline

According to statistics from Japan Electronics Packaging Circuits Association (JPCA) , in July 2016, Japanese printed circuit board (rigid board + flexible board + module substrates) yield compared with the same month last year fell 12.4% to 1.198 million square meters, the consecutive 8 months downward; sales volume fell 16.2% to 39.427 billion yen, the consecutive 8 months downward too.
On the view from different types, in July, Japan Rigid PCB yield compared to the same month last year fell 10.8% to 829,000 square meters, the 12th consecutive month showing decline; sales volume fell 12.0% to 25.83 billion yen, the 12th consecutive months showing decline.
FPC (Flexible PCB) yield fell 17.2% to 314,000 square meters, the fourth consecutive month showing falling; sales volume fell 25.6% to 5.003 billion yen, the eighth consecutive month showing decline.
Module Substrates yield fell 8.3% to 5.5 million square meters; sales volume fell 21.6% to 8.594 billion yen, the fourth consecutive month of decline.
Cumulative 2016 Jan to Jul, PCB production output in Japan fell 7.6% from a year earlier to 7.91 million square meters, sales volume fell 10.1% to 265.953 billion yen.

Among them, rigid board production fell by 8.0% to 5.522 million square meters, sales volume fell 10.0% to 172.291 billion yen; flexible board production fell 7.4% to 2.015 million square meters, sales volume fell 23.0% to 29.738 billion yen; module substrate production fell 2.3 percent to 374,000 square meters, sales volume fell 2.6 percent to 63.924 billion yen.