AOI application in electronic manufacturing service

AOI stands for automatic optical inspection. It is inspection equipment based on optical principles. In the SMT process, AOI can be applied for solder paste printing quality inspection and component inspection, after re-flow soldering component inspection and other functions. With the increase in PCBA density and the smaller components, the assembly density of components on a unit PCB is getting higher and higher, and the line width, spacing, and pads are getting smaller and smaller, reaching the micron meter level, The number of composite layers is increasing, and the quality requirements of the client are constantly improving; chip components have reached the size of 01005, and the requirements for detection accuracy are getting higher and higher.


AOI automatic optical inspection equipment, the main function is to replace the visual  search for various cosmetic defects of PCB, which can play a role of high efficiency, accuracy, time saving and cost saving; save labor cost and improve the efficiency of SMT production line! Electronic components are developing towards miniaturization, and it will become an inevitable trend that AOI testing equipment will replace manual labor!


The speed and quality of traditional manual visual inspection (MVI) products can no longer meet the requirements of industrialization. For electronic manufacturing service providers, the bigger problem is that the manual inspection time is too long, and the reliability and continuity are relatively poor. For high-density, fine-pitch PCB boards, simple manual visual inspection can no longer keep up with the speed of the production line. If you increase the number of personnel, the corresponding labor and management costs will also increase.


In such an environment, a variety of testing equipment, such as ICT, FT, AOI, AXI, etc., have appeared one after another. Each of these equipments has different characteristics. The challenge to ICT is getting bigger and bigger, it’s getting harder to place needle.


FCT is based on electrical signals. Both AOI and AXI are optical detection devices. The difference is that AXI uses X-ray for detection, while AOI uses visible light (like LED lights) for detection. Therefore, AOI has been widely used in high-end electronic products.


As the market demand for miniaturization and low energy consumption of electronic products is becoming more and more vigorous, the development of electronic components is becoming faster and faster. In addition, people are easily fatigued and affected by emotions. Compared with manual visual inspection, AOI testing equipment has higher stability, repeatability and higher accuracy. Therefore, the inevitable trend of AOI testing equipment to replace labor will become more and more obvious, which will generate a lot of market space.