FPC new trend and application

1. The global FPC industry has entered the stage of steady growth
With the downstream consumer electronics products demand growing, 2000-2014, the global FPC output value increased from $ 4.2 billion to $ 11.476 billion. Printed circuit board statistic analysis agency Prismark released data shows that in 2014 the world's total output value of FPC was 11.476 billion US dollars. FPC annual output value is expected to be over 13 billion US dollars in 2019, from 2014 to 2019 annual growth rate will reach 3.8% .
2. The global FPC industry to further focus to Asia, Chinese production value is the biggest among Asia countries.
FPC manufacturing appeared in the 1960s, United States and other electronic technology developed countries first used FPC in aerospace, military applications and other sophisticated electronic products. After the end of the Cold War, FPC started application in civilian products. In earlier 21st century, consumer electronics industry promoted the vigorous development of FPC industry,
FPC entered a rapid development period. However, due to the cost of production in Europe and America continue to increase, FPC production is shifting to Asia, formed the first wave of FPC of industrial transfer, which promoted countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc with good manufacturing base and experience of FPC manufacturing grow up rapidly in FPC output value.
In recent years, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, production costs continue to rise, FPC industry began a new round of industrial transfer. FPC manufacturers in developed countries have invested in China to set up factories, China, benefits as a major country undertook the new round of FPC industrial transfer. Currently, China total output value of FPC is the world's first position.
According to printed circuit information data, in recent years, China FPC output continued to grow, from 2013's $ 3.826 billion to $ 4.108 billion in 2014, reach an year on year growth of 7.4%; the proportion in total global output increased from 2013 33.90% increase to 35.80% in 2014, it is expected in 2017 FPC industry output will reach 5.671 billion US dollars, global share further increase to approximately 36.21%.
3. Global FPC main application areas and future trends
According Printed Circuit Information statistics, current FPC application mostly are smart phones and tablet computers and other portable products, smart phones is the main force driving the growth of FPC industry. 2014 Chinese smart phone FPC output value is 3.9 billion US dollars, accounting for 34% of global FPC industry output, the future development trend of smart phones will further boost the demand of FPC. It is expected in 2019, Chinese FPC output value account global FPC a proportion of more than 37% .