Japan PCB industry 5months decline in 2016

According to statistics from the Japan Electronics Circuit Association (JPCA) recently, in April 2016, Japanese printed circuit board (Including rigid PCB; flexible PCB; module substrates) yield over the same month of last year fell 8.9% to 1.098 million square meters, it is the fifth consecutive month of a downward; sales volume fell 11.8% to 37.115 billion yen, the fifth consecutive monthly decline too.
From PCB type view, the Rigid PCB production compared to the same month last year fell 11.3% to 752,000 square meters at April, the ninth consecutive month of downward; sales volume fell 11.1% to 23.937 billion yen, the ninth consecutive months showed decline.
FPC (Flexible PCB) production fell 3.0% to 292,000 square meters, the first time in three months showed a downward; sales volume plummeted 23.2 percent to 4.101 billion yen, the fifth consecutive month showing decline.
Module Substrates production fell 5.3% to 5.4 million square meters, the second consecutive month showing decline; sales volume fell 7.4% to 9.077 billion yen, the end of 23 months continuous growth.
Cumulative 2016 - Japan PCB production over the same period last year fell 6.9% to 4.444 million square meters during January to April, sales volume fell 7.8% to 1,532.34 one hundred million yen. Among them, rigid board production fell 8.5% to 3.113 million square meters, sales amount fell 10.7%  to 97.864 billion yen; flexible board production fell by 3.2% to 1.123 million square meters, sales amount  fell 21.2% to 16.802 billion yen; Module substrates production fell 0.5 percent to 209,000 square meters, sales amount grow 9.7% to 28.568 billion yen.