Korean PCB industry in 2015&2016

2015 Review
2015 production scale of electronic circuits in Korea was 9.1 trillion KRW, due to the downturn in the high-end mobile phone market, causing its output decreased by 1.6% compared with 2014. Wherein the rigid PCB (including HDI) accounted for 50.8%, IC-Substrate accounted for 26.7%, flexible PCB 22.5%.

2015 Downstream industry raw material compared with the previous year by decreased 2.9 percent to 1.65 trillion KRW, special equipment 44.7% reduction in comparison with the previous year, to 285 billion KRW, which is due to a significant decline in Korea PCB manufacturing companies and lacking of relevant investment.

2016 expected
In 2016, Korean domestic manufacturers of mobile phones demand of IC-substrate PCB, semiconductor PKG board, and network demand of multilayer board (HDI board) etc. high-end board, its scale of production is expected to increase by 1.1% to reach 9.2 trillion KRW.

As the Chinese PCB production increased, Korea PCB output of single / double PCB production reduced yearly, in order to achieve high functionality of electronic machines and mobile phone, multi-function, high-density, fine PKG board, build-up board (HDI) and high-multilayer super computer PCB, rigid PCB sales value in 2016 will grow to 4.67 trillion KRW, an increase of 1.1%.

Flexible PCB stop negative growth, partially restored, only to rise 1.5%, amounting to 2.08 trillion KRW. Dual camera phone demand bring rigid-flex PCB production growth. PKG board increase of 0.8%, the scale will grow to 2.45 trillion KRW.