High end PCB is popular in recent years

Benefited from the hot growth of smart phones and tablet PCs, high density interconnection (HDI) achieves warm requirements. It is reported that high-density interconnection is indeed in short supply. The latest PCB (printed circuit board) industrial report of Samsung Securities was released recently. It pointed out that high-end PCBs which apply to smart phones and tablet PCs are the hottest products in the market.
It is believed that the lighter the new electronic device is, the higher demand for endurance. Thus, it will have high requirement for flip chip packaging (FC CSP). Samsung Securities is optimistic about the development of flip chip packaging and it said that Taiwan’s PCB manufacturer Kinsus possesses great advantage in this field. It also pointed out that if Kinsus can catch more orders from Apple Inc, its target share price will increase significantly.
In addition, Samsung Securities said that Taiwan PCB leading manufacturer Unimicron still has spatial room for growth. The recovery of the PCB market, together with the mature of smart phones and tablet PCs, ensure that the demand for high-end PCBs are significantly increasing. And Unimicron has superior position in high-end PCB. On one hand, Unimicron is the world’s largest PCB manufacturer and has economies of scale, which make it possible to enlarge its market share globally. On the other hand, as the world’s largest manufacturer of PCB, Unimicron only accounts for 4% of the market share of PCB in the world. It means that in the future, Unimicron has great potential to develop. High end PCB is popular in the past years, with the develop of electronics employ new technology, the trend will continue in future.