Nippon Mektron FPCB manufacturing supported Orbotech

World's leading manufacturer of flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) Nippon Mektron, have deployed Orbotech’s Direct Imaging (DI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) technique in multiple plants, will significantly improve capability of current and future smart phone manufacturing, promote high resolution inspection for flexible PCB and upgrade output production capacity.
"flexibility" of PCB production, is necessary to adapt to the rapid development of the mobile phone market. using Orbotech’s nuvogo DI system for producing, and checked by Orbotech AOI systems for quality assurance, Nippon Mektron have supported by the local Orbo team in Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan factories to ensure the stability of product performance and rapid production. Combine with new technique developed by Nippon Mektron in PCB field, it assure the leading development in flexible PCB manufacturing.
"From mobile phones and tablet devices and advanced automotive electronics, today's electronics manufacturers are constantly being challenged to simplify the design, provides flexible packaging solutions, supports smaller devices," Yair alcobi, president of Orbotech said, "Through this very close cooperation, and we are pleased to support current and future Nippon Mektron flexible circuit board manufacturing process requirements, enabling them to develop new solutions and preparation of innovation from new markets. "