Choice for location of fiber glass factories

As the whole market is optimistic about the future demand for tablet PCs and smart phones, it is beneficial for the PCB industry. In addition, the emerging markets such as mainland China, Brazil and other fast-growing countries are slowing the tightening of funds and the retrenchment strategy, and mainland China is trying to reduce the interest so as to stimulate the economy. This is regarded as the best chance of pushing up the demand for electronic products.
It is said that some manufacturers that are specialized in glass fiber yarn are considering and assessing the possibility and profitability of setting new plants in mainland China because of the decreasing demand for smart phones and tablet PCs. It is known that glass fiber yarn is one of the raw materials of printed circuit board (PCB) and this news will fresh the whole PCB market.
The insiders said that how to choose a location that can avoid the lack of labor force and near the industrial chain is a test to manufacturers.
It is said that the most advantageous and competitive emerging markets of glass fiber plants are in mainland China and Taiwan. Their overall conditions are superior, including the close distance between the main suppliers of PCB and the relatively more accessible language and culture. However, there are some problems existed in mainland China recently, such as the lack of labor force. How to wisely select a suitable location becomes extremely important for investors.