Technical gap between Mainland China and Taiwan PCB industry

It is generally believe that Taiwan is one of the world's top PCB develop and manufacturing area, most of Taiwan’s top PCB enterprises have factories in mainland China. However, Taiwan's PCB manufacturers said it still take five years for the Mainland China PCB manufacturers to catch up with Taiwan's PCB manufacturers to develop advanced expertise.

Taiwan PCB industry has developed more than 30 years, but the printed circuit board core technology remains Japan. And China still has a long way to go to master advanced technology printed circuit boards.

Considering the printed circuit board technology, Japanese companies ranked first, followed by Taiwan PCB manufacturers. However, the biggest rival of Taiwan PCB makers are PCB manufacturers in mainland China. For low technical level printed circuit board, it needs at least two or three years for the domestic PCB manufacturers to catch up with the PCB manufacturer in Japan.
For middle technical PCB, it needs more than four years. For printed circuit boards of high technical level, require at least five years for the domestic PCB manufacturers to keep pace with Taiwan PCB manufacturers.