Deficiencies of small and medium China domestic PCB enterprises

Although China is now the world’s biggest PCB manufacturing base, big portion of the manufacturers are foreign brand. Most of the domestic enterprises are small or medium scale. Experts and professionals put forward the deficiencies and some of them are as follows.
First of all, the enterprises that are specialized in PCB equipment and instruments are underdeveloped in China. China’s PCB equipment firms do not have large scale and fast development. Their production value is not high enough as most of the high-end PCB equipment and instruments are still monopolized by foreign enterprises, most of high end equipment are imported form Japan, Germany, USA etc. China has several hundreds firms that are specialized in PCB equipment, but the output value of most of them are only about several millions. Enterprises that have billions of output value annually are limited. Experts said that they hope the government can carry out some policies to support the development of PCB equipment enterprises in China.
Secondly, enterprises that focus on PCB environmental products are lack of brand features. For example, wastewater treatment plant, electronic waste treatment plant and resource recycling business are very few in number. As the restructuring and upgrading of the PCB industry, supporting facilities such as the recycling plant and waste treatment plant are increasing important in promoting the fast development of PCB business in China. China has to attach more attention to clean production and environment protection if China’s PCB industry tends to step into a higher level.
Thirdly, PCB raw materials business is still very weak in China, some special material like Arlon, Rogers are US brand, high quality material may need imported form Taiwan, Japan, Korea. Except some big brands like KingBoard Shengyi etc, some of the PCB enterprises that provide raw materials are small in scale, weak in development and are lack of their unique characteristics. They can not form their brands and their annual production values are only a few hundred millions.