Taiwan PCB enterprises into automotive PCB industry

It is said that Taiwan PCB enterprises such as Unimicron, Tripod are trying to compete for the new business opportunities of automotive PCB. PCB applications in automotive is becoming more and more popular as the emerging of intelligentize in automotive field. The growth of automotive PCB will have tremendous growth in the future.
PCB is one of the key components of electronic devices, widely used in thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), notebooks, smart phones, tablet PCs and automotive electronic products.
Automotive electronic applications is a big emerging market for PCB enterprises, At present, Taiwan’s Chin-Poon becomes the largest automotive PCB maker in Taiwan, and Unimicron and Tripod are also trying to enter this field. Unimicron said, the average compound growth rate of the automobile will reach 8% in the next few years. Auto industry is one of the promising fields of PCB application.
As Taiwan’s second largest PCB plant, Tripod’s PCB business has also been transferred into automotive PCB applications as TFT-LCD market becomes weak in recent time. Besides, the revenue of Tripod’s automotive PCB accounts for 6% to 8% of its total revenue. And it is growing in a fast speed.
In addition to using their own resources to develop business opportunities of automotive PCB, PCB manufacturers not only rely on their own technological development, but also try to enlarge their market share by mergers and acquisitions. One of the world’s largest PCB manufacturer Unimicron Group acquired managerial authority of European automotive PCB plant Ruwel and achieved 100% of its stock equity in recent years.