Shenzhen to be the World’s PCB trading center

The output value of China’s PCB exceeded Japan in 2006, ranking the world’s top in output value. Although there are negative affects in China PCB manufacturing industry, like Tougher environmental regulations, rising wages, shortage of labor etc, especially in coastal area. China will continue to attract more manufacturing, at least in the next decade, particularly to the western interior. Mega PCB plants have been constructed in Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, etc., and more plants are to built there.
At present, the number and output value of PCB enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are 50% higher than other PCB manufacturers in China’s other regions. And the number and output value of Shenzhen PCB manufacturers account for 78% and 82% of the figures of the Pearl River Delta.
Following the announcement of creating a virtual trade platform, Shenzhen e-commerce industry is trying to create a global PCB trading center.
The annual output value of the global PCB industry reaches RMB350 billion and its annual transaction value is about RMB450 billion. It is said that about 20% of purchase intent are released through a professional e-commerce trading platform in Shenzhen. It is predicted that Shenzhen may become a global trading center of PCB.
It is estimated that the output value of PCB in Shenzhen accounts for more than 80% of the total output value of the Pearl River Delta.
In order to strengthen Shenzhen’s position in the PCB industry, it is necessary for Shenzhen to establish a third-party platform which offers strong service resources. Under the traditional structure of PCB transactions, it causes a lot of problems to the development of PCB industry in Shenzhen, including information asymmetry, long communication cycle, high transaction costs, and inefficient trading. However, the third-party e-commerce service platform will bring a great number of PCB service resources to Shenzhen, extend the management and capacity of PCB industry in Shenzhen, and promote Shenzhen to become the world’s PCB trading center.