Moving in to inland regions, PCB industry pattern is changing in China

As China and the world's largest and most complete PCB industrial chain, the Pearl River Delta region accounted for half of China PCB production output.

In recent years, however, under pressure of environmental protection, energy, resources and other aspects, the government has increased the PCB industry remediation efforts, a mighty industrial transfer, is causing changes quietly in China domestic PCB industry pattern.

Full range of information industry infrastructural system in Pearl River Delta, as well as due to convenient of drainage industrial water and transportation by air and by sea, many PCB manufacturers are not willing to move to inland regions, but the fact of PCB producing contamination ,has made it become the aim that government need to push outward.
Although invest to the inland regions is passive to most PCB enterprise, it can be said to be forced by government. Because at present, Shenzhen regional is still has the most obvious advantages of the developing PCB industry. But the transfer to inland region is an inevitable trend, companies must focus on long-term development, to find a way out on intense competition on many factors.
After 2010, more and more enterprises will be faced with the relocation of PCB plant, but in some industry view, they are not choosing the right time to go. Since 2011, the economic situation is bit of confusing, if invest big amount on new plant in inland regions, but PCB order is not sufficient, the financial situation will be worse. Many PCB companies believe that the advantages of coastal areas still big, they'll leave their headquarters here, and the Shenzhen policies is currently provide huge support the on the financial, trade, logistics and other emerging industries.
"In any case, the advantages of Shenzhen for PCB industry is still very obvious." Shenzhen PCB industry scale accounting for 30-35% in Total China PCB industry, with a total of more than 1,000 enterprises,
Some enterprises with rapid development in Shenzhen, as their production plant must be extensively expanded, experiencing shortage of land resources,
But the PCB industry in Shenzhen has a complete industrial chain, strong supporting in available here, about 30-40% of China PCB enterprises are in Shenzhen, talent and market advantages is huge, we believe in the future, corporate headquarters, research and development and financial center will be still located in Shenzhen.

A number of PRD PCB business executives also expressed the hope that eventually form a model, which is set up factories in inland regions and set up headquarters in the Pearl River Delta region. PCB Enterprises operating in the coastal areas for many years, will not easily give up the hardly built up a customer base and available resources.