Chinese PCB industry growth trend

Chinese PCB industry growth trend analysis: demand of downstream products promote industrial development itself, industrial transfer from developed countries to China, but Chinese government for reasons of environmental protection, restricted PCBs production below 4 layer as they are low end products, encourage HDI and other high-end products, these factors work together to promote the PCB industry to high-end product development.
China PCB output
Transfer of industry make China PCB industry bigger and bigger few years ago, the most important driving force comes from both cost and application industry chain.
In terms of cost advantage, China has a huge advantage in terms of labor, land, utilities, resources and policies, although still need to import raw materials supplying like high frequency material, but the upstream PCB material suppliers are gradually increased to replace imported products.
Downstream industries booming in China, the global machine manufacturing shift to China, provided a huge market demand. It provide a variety demand of electronic products, electronic products industry chain related to all aspects of both consumer appliances and industrial machine, such as computers, communications equipment, automotive, and defense industries are inseparable from PCB.
China PCB production expanding
As the main PCB enterprises established production plant in China, China has become the world's largest supplier of PCB. Last few years, because of PCB industry cost pressures, Europe and America, transfer the order to China, which can directly cause the number of PCB manufacturers continually grow in recent years, China PCB production. Since more and more orders received, PCB manufacturers production lines have all been run in full speed, under pressure of orders, each PCB plant began actively expanding production capacity in recent years, so many PCB plant expansion is really rear in other country, basically China to absorb the world's new increasing capacity.
China PCB product structure
Printed circuit board can be categorized into many kinds of products, generally in accordance with the PCB layers, surface finishing and base material etc. By Layer of PCB, it can be divided into: single side, double side and multilayer; by base material it can be divided into rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit board.
Maturity recession in single side PCB, double side PCB
Because they do not fit the current trend of tight, thin application of electronic products, is in recession, and PCB makers gradually reduce the proportion of its output, developed countries and regions such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan has been very little in production of such products, many manufacturers have made it clear that is no longer support single and double side PCB.
Conventional multilayer PCB and HDI product, which demand process capability maturity, belong to mature high value-added products, it is currently the main supply of the major PCB factory, especially high-density flexible and rigid HDI PCB board, due to the current technology is not yet mature, failed to achieve a large number of manufacturers of high-volume production, are growing the product in China PCB manufacturers. Because flexible PCB is more adaptable than a rigid PCB in digital products, it output growth is high in recently years from 2012, is can be a future direction of the respective manufacturers.