PCBA turnkey service is a New Trend in PCB manufacturers

PCB is also what we call the printed circuit board, Manufacturing of PCB is according to the drawing of PCB schematic design. SMT on the blank PCB with components needed, is called the PCB Assembly. Circuit board with well mounted components, simply assembly the outer case, process with debugging program, a complete electronic product is completed.

According to a survey recently, it was found that many small and medium sized electronics manufacturers, would choose to PCB manufacturers to finish PCB fabrication and assembly in the same time; or choose an assembly factory to procuring PCB for them and do the assembly. This is also called turnkey electronics service. It saves the time and trouble of procuring PCB from foreign land, like China; Taiwan, then contact local assembly house to make the assemble.
By the help of these two business modes, electronic products manufacturers, can get the finished PCBA board by just contact one supplier, in the same time directly assembly outer case to finish the producing of full functional electronics product. Many PCB manufacturers can only produce PCB, unable to support turnkey PCBA, will lose customers who want turnkey electronics services.
Such clients choose the PCB manufacturer who also provide SMT service, or select an assembly factory to the procurement PCB on behalf of them.
Since 2009, PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen electronics business group, in the same time of continue PCB production, gradually started the expansion of the plant, to increase PCBA processing lines. This big step, get a lot of electronics manufacturers positive evaluation.
This way of PCBA turnkey service, of cause has it own advantages and disadvantages. One big advantage is the profit margins increasing for the supplier side, but at the same time the risks are also increasing. The procurement of components is not an easy job, each of the required components in electronic products is not the same, some PCBA may need hundreds of different components.
Even same kind of product, the design drawings are not the same, components used is the not same .If there are mistake in component parts procurement or misunderstanding in communication between customer. Then probably all the boards and components with error will be scrapped.  Direct economic loss is huge to the PCB manufacturer or Assembly house who provide the PCBA service. A big waste in human and material resources is also inevitable. But under the pressure of market competition, the trend of PCB and PCBA manufacturing by just one supplier is inevitable.